Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Fun Inspiration!

I'm sure many of you have seen Tim Holtz Blog and his 12 Days of Christmas Tags! I thought it would be fun to post my take on his tags! So For today I will post my first  6 out of his 12! I Hope to finish up the following 6 in the next few days! But here is a preveiw of what I drew from his inspiration!
Tag #1

Tag #2





Thank You For taking the time to look at my interpretations!
I Hope to Finish the following 6 and post soon!
There is a crafter in all of us If we only BELIEVE IN OURSELVES!
The Greatest Joy I find in this internet filled world is that I can see others creations! Someday's I don't think my work is very Good but It's the warmest feeling when someones tells me they like my work!
It brings me back to my craft table simply to put a smile on another's face!
Happy Trails!
Diva Dawn!


  1. I am loving them Dawn! I'll be posting mine this week as well. I still need to do 5-12, but hope to work on some tonight. :) Wonderful job!!

  2. wow Dawn you tags are stunning!!! I love them all. Please tell me what type of bling do you have on father Christmas? it looks like tiny diamonds...

  3. Oh I love them.... There so cute and pretty... Great Job and thanks for sharing...