Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 2 Trivia Winner!

Yeah I get to do the Winner this time! Are you ready?

I would like to Announce Lena is Our Winner on day two's Trivia question. Please email with your mailing address so we can send out your goodies!
National Scrapbook Day was started in 1994 by the well-known album company Creative Memories. and is celebrated on the first Saturday each May. Since 1994 scrapbookers all over the county celebrate their passion for Scrapbooking on this day! There are even online groups petitioning the US Government to make National Scrapbook Day a federal holiday!

Thank You everyone who took the time to post a comment and good luck with your entry into the SUPER FABULOUS GRAND BIRTHDAY CANDY! It's really hard for me to keep quiet on what is all in this Fab prize but I'm being distracted with Kim as she is so SUPER sweet and wants to GIVE GIVE GIVE. Gosh I think she'd include the Kitchen sink if she could figure out how to stuff it in a goodies container.


  1. Congrats glad we get to send you some goodies! Thanks for playing...I will mail out your goodies on monday! I can't wait for you to get your prize!