Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello hello....ok so I know alot of you out there are wondering what prizes are up for I thought I would just post a pic of some fun stuff for you to see what may or may not be in a prize tube! We will be including one or more or five of the items you see in this pic...there may even be items you don't see in the pic! But there could be some of these items in there and there may not be any! There could be bigger and better items and then there might be smaller and yummier items. I guess what I am trying to say could win some of these items but who knows...maybe not! Are you having fun...cause I'm having I hope you're having fun too!

*Just wanted to put out a friendly reminder....remember to be entered in the grand prize must must must answer each daily question in a comment! Its never too late to post a comment to a join in the fun and get all 7 chances to win that Fantabulous Grand Prize!


  1. if I comment here I may and I may not win!!! wait and see ....
    how exciting what fun.
    have a good day Divas

  2. ok ladies! I grab the chance to win something with my comment!Thanks!

  3. I'm commenting so enter me in the draw please! Great fun, thanks!

  4. Let me see if I got it....we may or may not win what is or maybe isn't in the pic? :D

    Great new blog, ladies! :D

  5. Great blog ladies. and I am having some fun... I love it . I may and I may not win.. what teases you Diva's are.. LOLLOL Love it! keep the fun coming ... I want to be a winner!!!! LOL