Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day #6 Oh we are almost there!

This is Dawn and I get to create the question for today! We have kinda strayed away from the Trivia which is not any heartache to me! So to keep the fun and laughter about I thought it would be fun to do a Trivia on Your Biggest Ah Ha moment! For me The biggest Ah Ha moment would be when I realized a hair dryer really is not a good idea when trying to emboss an image, object or anything for that matter. When I first started scrapbooking I thought I could get away without all the fancy tools as I thought they were at the time. I've done some funny things in my days like embossing using my stove or convectional toaster oven. But the best was my first attempt using my Hair dryer. It has no where near the temp required to emboss an image let alone prevent all the powder from blowing off and leaving me with a smudge of an image on my card or layout. I've since started using a REAL heat tool about 2 years ago. I've found great humor in my journey as a crafter so lets hear some of yours!

What was your greatest Ah Ha Moment!

It doesn't have to be all that great but just a moment when you realised cutting corners or a new method was not the best option. Sometimes it stands true if it ain't broke why fix it! But remember they are those same moments that brings all of us New Inspiration and Fun New techniques! So never stop because of a little Ah Ha only perfect it! Or at least I do!

Thanks for joining our fun and bringing us smiles...keep the comments coming and wish you the best of luck in our prize drawings!


  1. I can totally relate to trying to get away without buying expensive tools...my biggest ah ha moment was not too long ago. I kept saying that I didn't need to buy a die cutting machine. I found a super cute die cut at our local scrap store. Instead of buying 10 of them I decided to buy one to use as a template. It was kind of intricate. I spent 3 hours of a 12 hour crop cutting these out to use in a mini album...when I went to put them in the mini I realized that I hadn't fliped the template the right way so they were all cut wrong! I got the Cricut the next day! It has saved me so much time and aggrivation!

  2. I can totally relate to trying to get away without buying expensive tools...my biggest ah ha moment was not too long ago. And what I had isn't all that expensive.. I had a Dollar Tree snail tape.. and I thought heck for a dollar that is cheaper than the Tombow snail.. was I ever wrong.. as I used it it got so that is wouldn't come off the roll right and started skippin and the plastic tip broke that the tape came out of.. geesh what a mess. So I purchased a tom bow snail at the crop that night for 6.00 and it was well worth it..

  3. My aha moment was a couple of months ago when my bestie Tiffany (stampinattiffanys.blogspot.com) posted a status update about shopping at Michaelson FB and I commented asking what she got... only to learn that there is such thing as adhesive cardstock!!! Lol.... no more gluing every little thing I cut! What a relief that was to hear for me. After scrappin for 5 years I learn this simple thing HAHA!!!!

  4. I've always liked all kinds of pockets but still couldn't make any nice ones,until I noticed that there are so many free pocket templates on the internet!!
    Now that made my life so much easier!!

  5. Its not so much of my "ah ha" moment, but the "ah ha" was directed at me. I've done other crafts for several years. I tried painting (and quickly learned that I am no Picasso). While I've tried other crafts, I swore that I would never be a scrapbooker. I just thought that there were too many projects and ideas floating around that I would never be able to put 2 and 2 together to make something worth saving. Well, as my graduation loomed in June...I began feeling the urge to save my memories and ::gasp:: make a scrapbook. A good friend of mine (that is a long time scrapbooker/cardmaker) knew that I said I would never start and once I did, she loudly proclaimed:

    "AH HA!!! I knew you start scrapbooking!"

    And so it started..... *lol*

  6. my ah ha moments come way to often..........and mostly when i try to save money on products.....i have found out the hard way....that all though i love love love my dollar store..most of the products there are NOT worth the effort.

  7. I tried to enboss my tiny alphas in the toaster with a tweezers only to burn annd drop them....then tip toaster over and search for alphas amongst ayears supply of breadcrumbs...alphas stuch in elements!!! I then decided that this is it I need a heat tool....I did not try to cut dies in apasta machine though...I believe it works1!!

  8. my is just a simple adhesive issue, I used double stick tape forever!!!! now I use tombow tape runner and it is sooooooooooo much easier...

  9. So, I haven't mentioned this before, but I am really clumsy. I mean really, really clumsy. Like, one time I was leaning against a wall, not moving, and chatting with some friends and I fell over. Just literally fell over. {This actually happened years ago and the friends that were with me still bring it up: No, Susie, she just fell over! It was the strangest thing!} It is also a pretty common occurence for me to trip while walking on perfectly flat ground and walk into the walls of my house. Which, considering they haven't moved at all in the nine months we've lived here, is pretty sad.

    When people look at me funny, I tell them I have an inner ear problem.

    Basically this means that I spend a great deal of my time 1. looking strange, 2. hurting myself, and 3. pondering where I got XYZ bruise/scrape/cut/burn/etc., as I often don't remember.

    This clumsiness also translates into my scrapbooking. I hurt myself a lot while I am scrapbooking. Like there was the time I thought my retractable X-Acto was retracted and went to click the button to make the blade pop out only to discover that 1. it wasn't retracted and 2. that wasn't the button that makes the blade pop out, it was the blade. Ouch! Who knew scrapping could be so dangerous? Not me!

    My all time greatest scrapping blooper has got to be from when my friend and I altered an ATG together. For ease of storytelling, lets just call her "Kim." Which works out pretty well, because that's actually her name. Anyway, Kim and I were in the parking lot behind our local scrapbook store, taking a cropping break to alter her ATG. So we had put down newspaper all over the asphalt so we could spray primer on this ATG. It was going to start raining in about ten seconds, so we wanted to spray the gun quickly and then bring it inside before it got wet.

    I don't remember if I thought Kim was taking too long, or if I didn't like her spray paint technique, or if I thought I was an ATG spray painting genius because this was the third one I was altering, but for whatever reason, I was all, "Kim, you're doing it wrong. Give me the spray paint." And she gave me the eyeroll that essentially means, "Yeah, whatever ~ I was handling this just fine on my own, but I am giving you what you want because you have crazy eyes." And then I, in my infinite wisdom and vast spray painting experience, said, "THIS is how you do it."

    And then sprayed myself in the face. Right. In. The. Face.

    Yes, ladies, I sprayed myself in the face with a can of black Krylon Fusion. Not only that, but my mouth was open. Yum! Then it just became a comedy of errors as Kim and I rolled around in the parking lot screeching with laughter and unable to speak or breathe. Then we did finally get the gun painted before the rain started falling but it was a near miss.

    So, there's one of my scrapbooking AH HA Moments: when using spray paint, make sure the can is pointed at the project ~ not at your face.

    And always keep your motuh closed while spray painting. Just in case.

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  10. Mine was finding out that dollar store adhisive doesn't stick very well even if it says permenant. I had some pages in an album from about a year ago and when i went to show a friend all the pictures had fallen off. So now i have the GlueGlider Pro.

  11. My "Aha" Moment would have to be when I finally realized that it's okay to use my supplies. I always felt they had to be used for the "perfect" thing and so I was very stingy. I now just use them and have the philosophy that I can always buy more.